/ Band-leader / Composer / Musician

Irritability, sleeplessness, mood swings, forgetfulness, hot flushes, these are the primary symptoms of menopause. If you see a woman in your family suffering from any of these, do not overlook. If it’s menopause, Lets stand by her.

A digital film to spread awareness about menopause. An initiative by Intas Pharma.

Music & Sound: Rushi Vakil
Client: Intas Pharma.
Agency: One Advertising and Communication Services Ltd
Agency Team: Milan Thakar, Ashish Panchal
Production House: Arcana Productions
Producer: Ishan Brahmbhatt
Cast: Sonali Lele Desai, Ashish Kakkad, Mudra Joshi, Ansh Patel
Director: Mustaqeem Khan
Co-Director: Saurabh Vyas

Director of Photography: Gargey Trivedi
Asst. DOP: Anurag Chhaparwal
Production Design: Chirayu Bodas, Shivani Awasthi Bodas
Casting: Bhavesh Bhanu
Costume Stylist: Premangi Khagram
Line Producer: Sandip Raval
Post Production: Dream Tone Studio
Colorist: Prashant Dhotre

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