Rushi Vakil Biography

Growing up in a world of music, for Rushi, son of Pandit Divyang Vakil (A world renowned Indian music maestro), music runs in his blood. With formal training in Indian classical percussion, Tabla for over 25 years and teaching himself keyboard for over 10 years, he has great understanding of Indian and World music styles. He is a multi instrumentalist who plays Tabla, Keyboards, Harmonica, Cajon, Dumbek, Udu, Accordion with significant proficiency. For over a decade, he has been professionally composing and producing original music for various domestic and international projects. He has also been creating original and collaborative music with many renowned musicians around the world. His songs showcase a great blend of various music genres with a vast variety of instruments and sounds creating harmonic blends. His scores include both classical and contemporary feel, and always find a way to bring them closer. From Rap to Jazz, from Pop to Folk and from EDM to Classical, he creates scores and tracks catering a huge number of music lovers. His work includes composing and directing music for many dramas, short films, animations, commercials, movies and games. This includes his latest Indian regional movie ” SHUBHARAMBH”as well as India’s biggest animation movie “Kid Krrish” and the very prestigious “Dadasaheb Phalke Award” winning short film ” Bhinti Maage”. As a performer, he travels with his group “Talavya” and “Taan” to North American, European and East Asian countries on regular bases and performs at some of the most prestigious venues. As a teacher, Rushi has been taking master classes at various universities and academic institutions such as NYU, Mercer university, Ohio University,Denver School of music, Queens university, Mount Allison university to name a few. He heads Rhythms Riders Music Institute in India where he has been teaching hundreds of students of the new generation over the years.

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If music be the food of love, play on.


Rushi’s compositions reflect  his years of training as a rhythmist  and his immense love for melody. He believes in creating music that touches listeners’ hearts in the most mellifluous way. His compositions represent genres like bollywood, fusion, contemporary, classical, folk, blues, orchestral, world music and more. One can hear richness of sounds, harmony of artistically blended instruments, grandeur of orchestral dynamics and foot tapping grooves in his composition, giving perfect justice to the project on hand. As a composer he loves to experiment with the sound and genres, and the musician inside him thrives for the perfect balance between simplicity and innovation.


Asa performer, Rushi displays as much versatility as he does as a composer. Being a multi – instrumentalists, he is able to showcase different shades of his musicality candidly on the stage. As a classical Tabla player, he has performed at various mainstream music festivals around the globe with the contemporary Tabla ensemble, Talavya, as a group leader. With his own world music band Taan, he can be seen playing the role of a keyboardist, a harmonicist, a multi percussionist and the conductor. He has also performed with several bands, orchestras and even served as a conductor. Always focused on establishing a connection with his audiences , Rushi is able to make them feel what he feels and give them an abundantly memorable experience.


Rushi has been teaching music for over 15 years. As the third generation of the family of teachers, coaching abilities run in his blood. He started with giving Tabla lessons at Rhythm Riders Music Institute, Ahmedabad, one of the biggest music academy of Gujarat state. For years, he taught over 100 students every year various instruments like tabla, Keyboards and percussions. As a teacher, he tries to bring out and nurrish individuality of each student. He has been teaching Indian classical music theories to the students of various countries at private classes as well as university residencies. He has given talks, lectures and demonstrations at universities such as NYU,Mercer university, Ohio University, Denver School of music, Queens university, Mount Allison university to name a few. He guides many professional musicians, percussionists and singers. Many of his students are working as professional musicians or teachers currently. His teaching style bridges the traditional integrity to modern techniques, the classical ideas and extreme dedication to contemporary open-mindedness.